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Megalith Movers Sitemap   Click on the page title below to see the page     Home     Megalith Movers. All about prehistoric engineering: Building stonehenge & erecting stonehenge. Transporting of     the stonehenge uprights, and dragging heavy Sarsen stones using rollers. (Two pages)         About this website     About This Site - The purpose of this site is to create world’s first permanent centre for experimental archaeology.         Raising An Obelisk     Raising an Obelisk presents a completely new set of engineering problems when compared to raising the     uprights at Stonehenge or the Moai on Easter Island.       Erecting A Trilithon     Explained here: Erecting A Trilithon Or Stonehenge Upright (Two pages)        Egyptian Stone Elevator     Building The Great Pyramid: A theory about the Egyptian Stone Elevator (Four pages)        First website & experiments     A new and unique theory on the movement of heavy stones (Two pages)         Blog Pages     A regular running commentary for The Megalith Movers initial experiment into erecting an obelisk.        Mystery With No Theories     The Pyramid Facing Stones: The Mystery With No Theories At All       Meet The Team     Includiing the very important catering manager!       Contact Information     How to contact Megalith Movers. You can make a personal donation here, or even sponsor us.        Comments     Visitors Comments: Have your say about Megalith Movers projects        Useful links     Some useful links to Prehistoric Engineering websites       Link Partners     Webmasters wishing to link to Megalith Movers. If you would like to link to our Megalith Movers website, we will     happily provide a reciprocal link   return to top of this page
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