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Revised Obelisk Erection Theory      Having tested the barn door theory which proved successful during the early stage of the erection, we now know that the basic premise of the theory is correct. That is an obelisk can be raised using just simple wooden levers inserted under the top end of the obelisk, while the obelisk is lying horizontal with the base located in the correct position over the turning groove on the plinth.    In our first experiment the levers worked well, and as we gained experience we were able to gain a mechanical advantage of about 20 to 1 with each ten foot lever. However, after we had successfully raised the obelisk to an angle of about 22 degrees, we found it impossible to stabilise the wooden crib we were using to support the lever fulcrum. After trying many ways to stabilise the crib, we realised that the obelisks may have been erected during the building of the temple, to which they would provide an entrance. This being so, we could use some of the heavy stone blocks of which the temple was being built, in place of the unstable wooden crib. See drawing below:    We have already proved that as few as two men can transport, elevate, and position our ten ton obelisk into the correct position horizontally on the plinth. With a number of five ton stone blocks available we can easily stack them as in the drawing above. Then simply add an extra stone block to each level, making four blocks at ground level, three on the level above and two at the top level.    As the obelisk rises, we can use the blocks already in place as a very stable stone staircase to elevate the next block into place on top of the stack. Then we continue in this way until the obelisk is vertical. The stone staircase not only supports the obelisk during erection, but also provides the men with a stable working platform as the obelisk rises.    This then is the revised theory. Using this method, the weight of the obelisk is largely immaterial. A bigger heavier obelisk will be longer, and allow the use of many more levers for the stone-rowing and initial positioning, while a small increase in manpower would be needed to speed up the operation of both the stone-rowing and the erection.      return to top of this page

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