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Further Thoughts On The Operation Of The Stone Elevator: Rolling Counterweight    As I mentioned earlier the idea of the stone elevator is to free as many of the total workforce as possible from the task of transporting and elevating the materials needed for the construction, in order for them to be redeployed at the quarry.    In the original concept of the elevator I imagined perhaps one team of 12 men at each end stepping on and off the tilting mechanism and perhaps one man changing the fulcrums as required. This makes a total of 25 men working each elevator. As I envisage hundreds of such elevators stretching from the quarry to the pyramid site any saving of manpower at each one could free up hundreds of men overall.    Thinking about this I realized that just using body-weight in this manner was extremely wasteful. And by using a stone encased in a wooden roller as a counterweight I could save a great deal of manpower.    In the drawing below I show the Elevator at the starting position. The 5 ton object stone is coloured yellow, the 1 ton counterweight stones red and the elevator green.    Two men with levers at the left of the drawing (not shown) lever up that end and the counterweight stone on the right of  the object stone rolls to the right.    Two more men stationed on the right then lever up the right-hand side and both counterweights roll to the left.    In this way the elevator lifts the object stone perhaps no more than half an inch at a time until the stone reaches the top of the elevator and the stone is rolled onto the downward sloping ramp towards the next lifting station.    I like this idea as it reminds me of clockwork, tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc. It's not of course but I like the idea so much that I might well try this as the next experiment. After we have completed the raising of the 10 ton Obelisk we will have enough timber left over to build an elevator and test it.    As we have only 6 members of the Megalith Movers and one of them is at sea 5 weeks out of 10 leaving us with just 5 men, using the rolling counterweights will enable us to test the viability the stone elevator without us having to find additional manpower. return to top of this page

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