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Meet The team Gordon Pipes. Project Director   Born: 1945 Place of birth: Derbyshire, England. Occupation: Carpenter/Construction worker, retired. Interests: Experimental archaeology, drinking and thinking. Proudest moment: Being called politically incorrect. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Steven Richards    My name is Steven. I am a relatively young member of the team at 52 years. My background is mixed having worked both in a professional role as well as a practical role. I suppose that I could say my previous work involved a mixture of the cerebral and the physical.    I became involved in what I think of as ‘Pipes’ Obelisk’ having offered, rather presumptuously, the use of some of my partner’s land as a site for the construction and raising of the obelisk. Fortunately – she was quite enthused by the idea.    Outside the ‘Pipes’ Obelisk Project’ (POP), my interests range from natural history to drinking. I am sociable but also enjoy my own company. Reading, music and cookery also occupy me. __________________________________________________________________________________________  Joe A.K.A. Nigel    After 30 years spent in civil aviation and having travelled throughout the world I am now retired and divide my time between my home in England and my spiritual home in South East Asia.    Apart from the now ‘customary’ beer drinking, my interests include map collecting, orienteering, walking and outdoor activities in general.    I am happy to be part of Gordon’s team, his ability to answer any technical questions and his enthusiasm for this project is infectious. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Tim. Landlord and catering manager    Born in the region about 40 years ago. I own and run the village shop. I enjoy gardening and am looking forward to landscaping the area around the finished Obelisk to create an outside living space complete with Gazebo and potted plants where Steve and I can entertain guests. __________________________________________________________________________________________ return to top of this page
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