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Contact Information - how to find contact information for Megalith Movers    Email us:    Many of the visitors to the Megalith Movers site have left comments, mostly complimentary and I would like to thank you all for the encouragement I have received. Some have even asked me to include a donate button as they would like to contribute towards the cost of staging these experiments by the Megalith Movers. To these particular individuals an extra big thank you as this was something I hadn’t even thought of.    When I started this project a few months ago I was prepared to finance the costs of the website and the initial experiment, thinking that if the site attracted enough visitors I might recoup the cost through advertising. Being something of a dreamer I also began to think that perhaps I might even be able to generate enough income to stage something really big.    This distant dream although still distant is now looking at least attainable, the positive response to the website has been such that I am now thinking all things are possible. With this in mind I am now looking at three avenues of possible revenue:    CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP:  I will be looking for a main sponsor for each major experiment, initially the erection of a full-size replica of the biggest Trilithon at Stonehenge. This will be erected entirely by hand from start to finish, each of the two uprights (these each weigh 45 imperial tons) will be moved into position by hand using my stone-rowing technique. The capstone (10 tons) will be elevated and placed into position using my adaptation of the crib method again entirely by hand. All this will be done using a total work force of much less than 100 men. See NatGeo film clip: “Megalith Movers: Building Stonehenge” on this and the home page. This will be a world first and will almost certainly attract world-wide news coverage.    Potential sponsors are invited to contact us here in the first instance.    WEBSITE ADVERTISING:  We’re looking for sponsors to advertise on our website. Contact us for more information & rates.    PERSONAL DONATIONS:  All donations, however small will be gratefully received and used towards the cost of mounting future experiments and the cost of maintaining this website. return to top of this page

Megalith Movers - Building Stonehenge:

Megalith Movers -
Raising an Obelisk video 1:

Hapshetsut Obelisk -

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