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Blog Page    Preparations are now under way for The Megalith Movers initial experiment into erecting an obelisk.    We were going to stage this experiment on a building plot owned by Sean but although there was plenty of space, the big drawback was the fact that once we had successfully erected it we would have to take it down and destroy it, as Sean intends to build his new house on the plot in the near future.    I was recounting this sorry tale to another friend of mine Steve when he suddenly said “I wouldn’t mind having an obelisk on my land it would make quite a talking point, I’ve got plenty of room. In fact I wouldn’t mind joining you guys, it sounds an interesting project”. And so we had some land where the obelisk can remain standing and we had recruited another valuable member.    Looking at the team (and this will mean nothing to anyone unfamiliar with British television) I’m reminded of the cast of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ a bunch of old guys with nothing better to do engaged in one crazy project after another.    But I digress, back to the experiment, in order to test my barn-door theory we will try erecting a small obelisk first, I say small, which it will be by the standards of the ancient Egyptians, but even this small obelisk, which will stand over 20ft high and weigh around 9 tons should present a big enough challenge for a team numbering less than 10 people. From the casting of the plinth and obelisk to the first attempt at lifting one end will take us several months as we have to leave the obelisk to cure before we can start lifting. We will however still have plenty to do as we have to manufacture the barn doors and prepare all the timber for the 1st stage, that is lifting the obelisk up to an angle of 30/35 degrees.    I will continue this blog as we progress and perhaps post a few photos.    Gordon Pipes    Contact: go to first blog page >>

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Megalith Movers -
Raising an Obelisk video 1:

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