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Blog 8th April 2017     At about 10 A.M. on Thursday 6th April we finally succeeded. The obelisk is now standing tall and proud, supported totally by its own weight.    To say the last week as been interesting would be an English understatement in the extreme, it has been both exciting and nerve-racking in equal order. On Monday we recommenced the erection of the experiment with the obelisk standing at about seventy degrees. At this stage we were supporting the obelisk by packing off the original timber crib, with timber packing and wedges. It was becoming increasingly easy to move the obelisk with the levers and increasing difficult to pack the crib, bits of timber were falling out as we worked, and it was obvious that we could not continue in this manner.    Our solution was to use a heavy timber prop in the manner of a hydraulic ram, between the obelisk and the lifting timber which was driven by the levers. As each lift was completed, we held this with two more props between the obelisk and the stone staircase. The ram was then extended and another lift commenced.    It was a tense time those last three days. At seventy-one years old I didn't relish the thought of jumping off the scaffold quickly, if we had to abandon the experiment and run for our lives. In fact I can't remember the last time I ran anywhere. However, everything went smoothly and eventually the obelisk tipped past the point of no return and settled down onto the bags of salt we had placed under the base. It was now just a matter of dissolving the salt and the obelisk would tilt upright, which it did.    After three years of experimenting we had finally achieved our objective, to erect a ten-ton obelisk using only methods and materials that were available to the ancient Egyptians at the time. No one can say, "This is how they did it", we can only surmise, but what we can do is look at any theory or experiment and test it using the laws of Occam's Razor, which states that the simplest solution to any problem is probably the best. All the members of the team believe that the method we have worked out is both the simplest and best.    We would now like to test this method with a much bigger obelisk, say fifty tons. If any student of Egyptology or archaeology anywhere in the world wants to help they can contact me by email at this address: This next experiment might also be of interest to documentary film makers. If so, feel free to contact me.    That's it for now, but I will continue to post the occasional blog anytime we get news of possible interest in the next project.    Gordon Pipes << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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