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Blog 25th March 2017    Hi all,    The experiment continues and the obelisk is standing at a steeper and steeper angle with every lift, the reversed levers where we use the levers to pull the obelisk upright is working flawlessly.      In my last blog I wrote that we may need a flying buttress to complete the erection, but after this last week this seems to be unnecessary as we are completing each lift without one.    However, a new problem has become apparent and one that I really should have foreseen. As soon as the pressure on the packing timbers is released by moving the obelisk more upright, these loose timbers begin to fall out of position and will eventually fall to the ground, leaving the obelisk supported only by the levers, and as the levers are removed the obelisk will settle back on the stone staircase in the same position as before the lift began. The easiest solution seems to be that if we lash all the timbers together each to its adjoining timber, we will end up with a wedge shaped crib of timbers that will automatically slide down in between the obelisk and the stone staircase, thus supporting the obelisk as we work. We will work on this solution and in the next blog I will let you know what happens and hopefully take some photos.    Regards, Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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