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Blog 4th March 2017    Hi all,    At long last we are back at work on the obelisk and things are looking promising. The idea of using the levers to pull the obelisk upright is looking to be a winner and we have it now standing at about sixty degrees. As we reach something like seventy degrees it should become self-righting, so we have the bags of salt ready to slow down the final phase of the tilt.    It seems a lifetime since we first decided to try to solve the mystery of how the obelisks may have been erected, but this may have been to our advantage as we were able to test many ideas as each problem became apparent, and choose tried and tested methods for each different stage of the erection.    As we have now perfected a practical method of erection I would now like to talk to a film-maker about a new project involving a much bigger obelisk, perhaps fifty tons in weight and standing maybe sixty feet high. We now have a team of experts waiting and if this was filmed in Thailand plenty of available labour at little cost. Anyone interested in this new project can contact me by email at    I will continue this blog until the obelisk is standing.    Gordon << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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