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Blog 10th December 2016    Hi all,    Some better news this week. The idea of using levers to pull the obelisk upright now seems to have a great deal of merit. You may remember from the last blog that we did gain some movement up to a point, but each attempt was very much a hit or miss affair. In fact on the last day of testing (Thursday) we gained nothing at all, despite how hard we tried.    Monday was a religious holiday, so we returned to the problem on Tuesday. Although we gained very little that day we did gain a greater understanding of how to overcome the difficulties we faced.    On Wednesday Sean arrived at the site with a long length of half-inch natural hemp rope, which we used to replace the thin nylon rope we had been using to hold the lifting beam solidly to the obelisk, and also in the right place in relation to the fulcrum.    After replacing the ropes we tried again. Success, we gained the best lift for months and after resetting the levers we repeated this success.    Thursday we moved the top block forward, and then the lifting beam and the fulcrum to their new position slightly further down the obelisk. Moving the lifting beam further down the obelisk should have made the lift heavier, but it didn't. The new angle we had achieved previously offset any any increase in weight. Another advantage was the fact we were still able to work at the same height. The rest of day we completed three lifts, all much better than the previous day.    Next week we should have four full sessions, and hopefully see some visible progress.    The photos below show the situation at present. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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