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Blog 17th September 2016    Nothing much has been happening while I have been recovering from the accident. The rainy season is drawing to a close and most of the team has been away visiting friends and relatives.    We have however, spent time discussing possible new ways of using levers to complete the experiment. In a nutshell, the new idea is to use the levers to pull the obelisk upright, much in the manner of operating a ring pull can. The way we propose to do this is to fasten round timbers, using Spanish windlasses across the underside of the obelisk, which will extend a few inches beyond each side of the obelisk itself. We will then be able to slide levers beneath the timbers with the handle of the levers at the plinth end, and the business end pointing towards the tip of the obelisk. As we press down on the handles of the levers they will arc down, and the business end will arc up and towards the plinth. This arrangement will give us a mechanical advantage of about eleven to one for each lever used. As we never have more than four men available at any one time, we will again use bags of sand to supplement the bodyweight of the lever operators.    We have also found a way of preventing the obelisk gaining too much momentum as it becomes self-righting. When we can feel the pressure on the levers easing, we intend to place bags of salt under the bottom of the obelisk at the far end of the plinth. When the obelisk goes into self-righting mode, it will be prevented from becoming fully upright by the bags of salt. We will then dissolve the salt slowly using water, and the obelisk should attain its full height in a safe and controlled manner.    We hope to resume the experiment in the next few weeks, and I will keep you posted on the progress with some updated photographs and hopefully a short clip of movie film.    Best regards to all.    Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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