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Blog 25th June 2016    After the accident last Friday I managed to remount and continue the journey to Steve's place, where I found Steve and Sean hard at work. Although I was feeling pretty battered I must have looked much worse, for they immediately insisted that Steve would take me to hospital.  The work on the obelisk was abandoned until Monday. When I finally returned home later in the week I found an email from Steve updating me on the progress. I replied:    Hi Steve,    Thanks for the info. Looking at the photos I can now see why the hemp rope is working so well.     In fact it may well work up to and beyond seventy-five degrees.    We will see what happens.    Hope to see you Friday.    Gordon...    Sorry to miss you on Friday. Will be out next Friday.    A good day today with three lifts. As long as the lifting wedges are roughly parallel to the block and fulcrum, and the levers are set from the plinth side to the tip in that order - slippage appears to be minimal. It is also important to avoid sudden shocks.    The windlass is not being used yet. I am aware of the need to keep it tight but slippage of the lass is hard to prevent. When we use it again - we will use two lasses - one on each side of the obelisk to keep it tight. Simply turning it on one side is not enough to counter the slippage if it occurs.    The angle is not far off fifty degrees now - so slow progress is being made.    Speak soon....    Steve    Hi Steve,    Not far off fifty degrees is brilliant if you are just using sand. This fills me with confidence that you are on the right track. i think that the windlasses will be needed sooner or later, but that a combination of the two could take us all the way to the tipping point.    I am recovering slowly, but I know it will take time, I guess the experiment is now down to you and Sean. Thanks for keeping me informed and best of luck.    Gordon,    Three lifts today. We are lifting cautiously and it works although the lifts are not as big as before. Still - it's progress.    The windlass slides up the obelisk with the wedges when they creep towards the tip and therefore slackens off. It is hard to keep it tight and to be honest, a modest creep is OK as we are still lifting. When we augment the wedges again we will put strips of rubber on the top which I think will help as the cut wedges are mirror smooth on the top. Since the start of last week we have achieved sixteen modest lifts - so we will just carry on.    Sean is going to Australia tomorrow for a couple of weeks - so there will be a holiday from tomorrow. We have left the obelisk safe with the wedges supporting the obelisk on the block as well as the stacks. I have enclosed a photo of the stack and you can see that we have been able to put in another crosspiece near the block as the lower ones have moved down. So progress there.    See you Friday...    Steve << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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