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Blog 11th June 2016    Monday morning it was raining hard, which made me assume that we wouldn't be working that day,, so I decided to take the day off. However, at Steve's the weather was dry, so I was surprised to find when I arrived on Tuesday that the obelisk had  been levered higher.    Although I had been planning some improvements to the idea of levering under the top end of the obelisk, the progress Steve and Sean had made in my absence persuaded me to reconsider what I had in mind, and follow their lead. So we continued lifting with levers each side of the obelisk.    By the end of the shift Thursday we had averaged two lifts every day, and I was confident that a successful completion of the experiment was only weeks away.      On Friday morning I was only a couple of miles from Steve's, when I was involved in an accident with a pick-up truck. One minute I was riding normally and the next minute I was flying through the air. The result was several broken bones in my left shoulder and multiple cuts and bruises.    Although I expect to make a full recovery, at my age it will take time. So we will be short-handed for the next couple of months. Added to my absence, Joe flew back to England this week and will be away for about five weeks, and very shortly Sean will be going back to Australia to visit his family. Which means we will have to suspend operations until we have enough manpower to continue.      Steve and Sean gained several lifts this week (18th June), before being rained off on Friday. The rainy season seems to have come early this year, so we will undoubtedly lose more days to the weather, that coupled with the manpower problem means we are now unlikely to complete soon. I will continue with this blog as and when I have something to report. Below are a couple of photos showing the obelisk on Tuesday. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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