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Blog 4th June 2016    During the previous week we had made good progress and the obelisk had reached an angle of forty-five degrees approximately. We now had to change the angle of the lifting plate to match the angle of the obelisk. On Monday with this job done we continued with the erection, but it soon became apparent we now had a new problem to overcome. The steepness of the angle on the top side of the plate was causing the plate to slip, and robbing us of much real progress. As soon as we reached the critical point of the lift, as the sandbags forced the obelisk higher the plate would start to creep slowly up the obelisk, restricting the gain and causing us to abort the lift for fear of the plate the plate coming out completely. We were working hard for every inch of progress, and the obelisk was rising at a snails-pace.    We continued in this manner while we discussed possible solutions. I was for trying something radically new, while Steve and Sean were happy to continue as we were while we were making some progress. Finally, on Friday morning I outlined a possible solution. I proposed that we should abandon the side lifting plates and lever from the top end of the obelisk. I also proposed that we dispense with the sand-bags as the motive force, and use human muscle power. As we didn't have enough manpower for this, I explained how it might be possible. We would set the levers from the top end and stress each lever one at a time, while preventing it from springing back by blocking between each lever and the obelisk, using a short length of timber. With nine levers thus stressed, the levers will be trying to force the obelisk upright and will make it easier to drive the blocking timbers further down the levers, thus increasing the stress on each lever. Sean and Steve were clearly unimpressed, but agreed it might be worth a try. We did gain some lift from this mini experiment, but it took more time and effort than I had hoped. However, it was proved an idea before its time, but would almost certainly work better and better as the centre of gravity of the obelisk shifted.    We decided that next week we will revert to the side lifting plate until they no longer work, and then we will repeat this mini experiment when it becomes the only option.    Regards all.    Gordon.    << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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