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Blog 28th May 2016    As can be seen from the photos from last week the top step is now close to halfway down the length of the obelisk. This leaves us with a choice, we can raise the height of the scaffold to enable us to reach the ends of the levers, or move the top step forward and remain at the same height.    We chose the second option as it was safer. However, this presented us with a new problem: the fail-safe crib was in the way. So on Monday, with the obelisk supported by the lifting frame sitting on top of the step, we partially dismantled and rebuilt the crib further forward. We also modified it, because the pressure from the obelisk was now trying to push the crib backwards as much as downwards, and this will increase as the obelisk progresses towards vertical.    By Wednesday we had finished the task, which included moving the top step forward and rebuilding the top part of the crib, hard against the top step. The crib was now hard against the nine-ton stone at ground level, and the four ton top step above. A total of thirteen tons to hold back less than ten. I felt safe, so we tried a test lift, although there was some compression of the rebuilt crib which always happens when we change the crib, we gained a good lift and more importantly the lifting plate showed no signs of failing.    Thursday we gained four good lifts and we could feel the obelisk getting lighter as the balance point moved forward. We were all in high spirits.    Friday we gained three more good lifts before we had to stop, it was time to change the angle of the lifting plate. The obelisk was now standing at an angle of forty-five degrees. We had achieved our first major target. I felt like we had reached the top of a mountain, and that it was all downhill until the obelisk became self righting at about seventy-five degrees. How long this will take I don't know, but I feel it will be a matter of weeks rather than months. Above is a photo of the progress    Next week again promises to be interesting.    Regards to all.    Gordon    << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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