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Blog 21st May 2016    We continued with the experiment with the sloping fulcrum on Monday, again there were four of us. I had been very dubious that we could restrain the levers manually from swinging towards the plinth as we loaded on the sandbags, but we gave it a try. Amazingly it proved less difficult than I had imagined. On the starboard side, the levers had previously worn grooves in the soft wood of the underside of the lifting plate, and these grooves helped prevent the levers from swinging. A length of rope tied on the ends of the levers and leading to the scaffold was all the restrain needed on that side.    On the port side, things were not that easy. Here the wood on the underside of the lifting plate was tropical hardwood, and the levers had made no impression whatsoever. The levers were free to swing at will, here we had to use two of the team, one to hold the levers in position and another to load the levers while they were restrained. Eventually as they were part loaded, we used ropes and bags of sand which lead from the ends of the levers and hung down the sides of the scaffold, as the levers were progressively loaded and came lower, the bags of sand also sank lower down the scaffold, thus keeping the levers from swinging.    This week the temperature was lower, but still humid. By the end of the session we had completed three excellent lifts. We were all in good spirits.    Tuesday we moved the scaffolds forward and made two more excellent lifts, and on Wednesday we made three more really good lifts.    By Thursday we had completed three more and had reached the end of the top step with the lifting plate and the blocking wedge, we now had to move the top step forward. As Friday was a holy day we didn't work, out of respect for the locals. We will continue on Monday. Below are the latest photos:      << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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