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Blog 7th May 2016    When I arrived at Steve's place Monday morning Sean and Steve had come round to the idea of a new lifting lifting plate, and as it was only a two man job Sean and I set about the job, while Steve made the site tidy and therefore safer.    We completed the job Tuesday and still had time for a test lift. With Sean loading the levers on the starboard side and Steve on the port side, I was able to drive a wedge between the top step and the obelisk, as the obelisk rose. This kept everything tight and we gained a good lift, perhaps three or more inches measured at the tip of the obelisk. We were now gaining much more forward movement than height with each lift, simply because the tip of the obelisk is travelling in a ninety degree arc from horizontal to vertical. This is promising, and will become increasingly so the further we progress, until eventually one man with one lever will be able to finish the erection.    Joe joined us on Wednesday, we gained another two good lifts and moved the lifting frame forward.    With a four man team again on Thursday, we made another two good lifts before we realised that we now needed to dismantle the frame and rebuild it at a much steeper angle. I was beginning to think that soon the frame would be redundant.    On Friday we dismantled and rebuilt the frame, so it again matched the angle of the rising obelisk. After three more good lifts in the full glare of the sun we called it a day. We were all sweating buckets and needed water, and with a cooling overhead fan playing, we drank and discussed the weeks progress. We all had ideas to make the work easier, Steve was in favour of continuing with the lifting frame as long as possible, while I doubted that it would continue to work as the angle kept getting steeper. Although I knew that the further we progressed, the better the chance we had of succeeding with a new idea I had been considering, I was keen to try it out. Anyway, Steve and I had already had a friendly bet on how many more lifts we could make with the frame, and Steve needed only two more lifts to win. So on Monday we will continue, sooner or later I will get the chance to try something new.    Next week promises to be interesting again.    Regards,    Gordon      << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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