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Blog 23rd April 2016    I had the feeling that things were going to get interesting this week, and so it proved. This week we have had our best ever week both in terms of progress and in terms of our understanding of the physics involved.    On Monday we finished work on our redesigned lifting plate, it was now bigger, better and stronger. Instead of using three levers each side we could now use five, in fact we could easily have inserted many more had it been necessary.    The top surface of this new plate, the surface in actual contact with the obelisk, matched the angle of the obelisk almost exactly and we can change this angle quite easily as the obelisk continues to rise. And the underside was parallel with the fulcrum. Again with the luxury of a four man team we completed the job early on Tuesday and completed our first lift, and with growing confidence our second and third. We continued in the same manner on Wednesday and again completed three excellent lifts. We then came to a complete halt, I had been using a log between the obelisk and top step as an extra fail-safe which I was rolling forward as the obelisk rose, now I could roll it no further, I had reached the end of the top step. It was now time to row the top step forward towards the plinth. See photo below:           Sorry this is the only shot I have available which was taken earlier in the month, it shows the obelisk and top step as it was before our enforced break. Since then we have lifted the obelisk higher, which has enabled us to move the top step forward. See photos below:    This shot shows how things looked at the end of the week, and the next shows the lifting plate in more detail looking from the end.    Having got in front of myself with the photos I'll now continue with the narrative.    On Wednesday we extended the fail-safe crib forward, which enabled us to dismantle the part that was sitting on the nine ton block, and with this out of the way we rowed the top step forward until it was again almost touching the fail-safe. By the end of the day we had rebuilt the fail-safe, rowed the top step forward and finished the redesigned lifting plate. The whole team was now working with renewed enthusiasm and as the week unfolded this mood increased.    Thursday we managed three more lifts, and after moving the lifting plate forward first thing Friday we managed two more. We were become experts, and as our experience grew so did our expertise. The next few weeks we will see if our new lifting plate continues to cope with the increasing angle.        Regards to all.    Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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