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Blog 9th April 2016    After gaining a single lift of about three inches the previous Friday I was optimistic about the week ahead.   Sean was back from the oil rig supply ship, in fact he may be back some time due to the drop in the price of oil as he has no further contracts. Ewan was again available for several days so we had a team of three or four available most of the coming week.    Although I was optimistic about our ability to continue lifting the obelisk I was becoming increasingly pessimistic about our fail-safe crib. Would it continue to resist the pressure from the obelisk as it grew taller? We decided to redesign the fail-safe support and covert it from a crib with a flat top to a crib with a sloping top, a top that changed the top surface to the same angle as the obelisk. This would now resemble a wooden ramp holding up the obelisk and we would be capable changing this angle at will.    With the four of us all working together it didn't take long before the job was completed and the result looked capable of holding anything. It has always been a saying among carpenters, “If it looks right, it probably is” and this ramp looked right. I was no longer worried about the fail-safe. It looked so right in fact that I began to see our lifting plate in a new light,  could we redesign the lifting plates using a similar design? I gave the matter some thought.    Meanwhile we tested the new ramp by lifting the obelisk and removing the section of fail-safe that was sitting on the nine-ton block. As we slowly remove the bags of sand one by one, from the ends of the levers it soon became obvious that the ramp would hold. And with the top of the nine-ton stone free, we would be able to move the four ton block further under the obelisk. It took us the rest of the week to come up with a design of lifting plate that would perhaps work, and be capable of being adjusted in angle as the angle of the obelisk changed. We will know in the coming weeks if this new design of lifting plate will work as well as we hope, but like the new ramp it looks “right”, so I remain confident.    Next week during the festival of Sonkran we will not be working on the obelisk, so there be no blog next weekend. Therefore the next blog will be published at around the end of the month.    Regards, Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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