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Blog 2nd April 2016    I've been looking forward to see what will happen this week for a while now, if we cannot support the obelisk while we move move the top stone forward then the whole experiment will come grinding to a halt. We will have failed!    Last week we tested the ability of the support crib to hold the obelisk at its present angle, and found it up to the job. It was still holding it immobile when we returned on Monday after a six day break. See photo below:    We could now move the top stone forward towards the crib. Ewan had joined Steve and myself, and by Tuesday morning we had rowed it forward until it was almost touching the crib. Again we had allowed it to drift to port as we moved it, and spent Wednesday moving it back to starboard.    The photos below show the top stone back in line with the obelisk, and moved forward up to the crib.    Thursday we built the crib for the lifting plates and tried these in place. As we had been raising the obelisk, we found that the lifting plates were now the wrong angle. The top surface must be the same angle as the obelisk, while the underside must remain level. This means that new lifting plates must be made to compensate for the changing angle every few degrees. If the Ancient Egyptians used this method, then they would probably had a skilled carpenter constantly making new lifting plates as required. On Friday I adapted the lifting plates to the new angle, and Steve and myself achieved a single lift of about three inches. Not bad when you consider this was done by two people and three or four lifts are possible in a single shift of less than two hours. Below are the latests photos:    Next week we will continue lifting and packing and will see what happens.    Regards Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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