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Blog 26th March 2016    It was a short working week last week as we were only able to work on the obelisk for three days, three days of less than two hours per day in fact, so progress was slow. And this week promises to be even more so, as we can only manage two days this week.    However, although it was difficult to discern any difference in the angle of the obelisk from one day to the next, we gained three lifts on Monday and one on Tuesday. After which we were unable to continue moving the lifting plates forward on the top step of the staircase, as we were getting close to the edge. It was time to test the strength of the fail-safe crib!    With the levers fully loaded with our bags of sand, we carefully packed the fail-safe crib and used the lifting crib on the top step as a new fail-safe. We set the packing on this new fail-safe so that the obelisk could come down just one inch and no more, as the obelisk compressed our original  fail-safe. Slowly we removed the sand, and the obelisk settled on the original fail-safe and remained fixed after compressing the crib perhaps less than half an inch. The test had been a success!    Provided it continued to hold, we were free to move the top stone forward. We sat down and watched for the next half an hour. Nothing moved. Fairly satisfied we packed the crib on the top stone loosely as a precaution, as we wouldn't be back for almost a week.    Below is a photo of the obelisk at this stage:    The plan now is to dismantle the crib situated on the top stone, and after moving the scaffold out of the way, row this stone forward until it comes up against the crib which is now the only packing holding up the obelisk. If we are successful, we will then be able to rebuild this crib and continue levering up the obelisk. Eventually the obelisk will become self-righting, as the centre of gravity continues to shift. I expect this to happen at about seventy plus degrees. We will then use our bags of sand as a ground anchor attached to the bowsprit, to slow down the erection during the last few degrees. Regards to all, Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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