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Blog 19th March 2016    After testing the new lifting plates last week and finding they worked superbly, over the weekend I decided we were, in our enthusiasm, taking unnecessary risks with with our own health and safety. So on my way to Steve's I called in at the garden centre and ordered another twenty of the poles we were using as levers. We didn't need any more levers, we were lifting the obelisk easy enough with the six levers we had, these poles were to be used as a safety rail for our scaffold.    In the two photos below you can see these new safety rails in place. Note also the bowsprit type arrangement with ropes hanging loosely from the end of the bowsprit which will be attached to our ground anchor when the time comes.    After fitting these rails we completed another lift. It is difficult to estimate what we gain with each individual lift as we are lifting from further down the obelisk as we move the lifting plates forward, but it seems logical to me that we must be gaining fractionally more each time, as if on an exponential curve.    Tuesday Steve and I completed another three lifts, and finished with enough time to complete another had we so wished, but I was finding loading and unloading these heavy bags of sand onto and off the levers with each lift very tiring. In May I will be seventy-one and unable to do, for more than two hours, what I could once have done all day long. So we are now working at my pace which is to complete one lift and rest for a while before repeating the next lift and stopping altogether after three lifts. This will inevitability slow our progress but it is impossible to regain one's lost youth.    We completed another leisurely three lifts on Wednesday and here we have to leave things until next week due to other commitments.    Below is a photo of the progress by this time. As can be seen, the lifting plates are slowly being moved along the top of our topmost stone. When they reach the edge of the top stone we will have to support the weight of the obelisk entirely on the fail-safe crib situated beyond the big nine-ton stone, in order to free the topmost stone which will allow us to move it forward.    We should be ready to move this stone forward sometime next week. If we fail to do this then the whole experiment will fail. Next week looks like being an interesting week again.      << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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