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Blog 13th February 2016    Monday and Tuesday Steve and myself continued to inch the block higher, it was tricky work as I could not see what was happening on Steve's side of the block and he was in the same position in regard to what was happening on my side. It was essential that we kept the block itself level, otherwise we could lose it completely and with just two pairs of hands and eyes both lifting, checking and packing things had to be done slowly and checked and packed after each bag of sand was loaded on the ends of the levers.    Wednesday we had the luxury of an almost full team, Sean was back from his seafaring and Joe was back from overseeing the construction of his new house. What a difference this made, it was still a delicate operation but with two extra pair of hands and eyes we made rapid progress and by the end of the session we had the block above the height of the other small block. We could now think about moving it forwards. See photos below:      It would still be a delicate operation and a great deal of care would be needed until we had the majority of the block's weight above the other block. As I said, as we had elevated the block we had also somehow moved it sideways, which meant that on Steve's side we now had nothing to rest the fulcrum on as we move the block forward. Which meant that the crib on Steve's side had to be extended alongside the lower block. We were now becoming desperately short of timber, and had to use a combination of concrete building blocks and what timber we had left. The resulting structure wasn't pretty to look at, but should prove adequate for the purpose.    Hopefully by next weekend we should have the block in the right place, and can then make preparations for continuing with the erection of the obelisk. Because of the weight distribution of the obelisk, it will at some point become self-righting, and theoretically should not be able to topple over, even if we just let it go at this point. However, beyond Steve's garden lies his neighbour's back garden and a building, which we must be careful not to demolish, so we will be using a land anchor to prevent any build-up of momentum in the obelisk. As we used sand to erect the obelisk, we will use our bags of sand now to prevent it going too far too fast.    I'll keep you informed of the progress next weekend.    Regards all.    Gordon.          << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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