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Blog 6th February 2016    On Monday Steve and myself continued with the task of raising the first of our four ton stone blocks above the height of the other small block, so that it could be rowed forward until we had the first block sitting on top of the second. A simple enough task you may think, but something strange was happening as we lifted, we were moving the block we were lifting to port (port being the left hand side if you are standing at the base looking towards the tip of the obelisk). Why this was happening? We didn't know. As far as we were concerned it made no logical sense. We were like two learner drivers let loose on the streets without an instructor. Actually there are no instructors for this task, the last person who might have qualified died about three or four thousand years ago, as did the last person who knew how to erect an obelisk. We are on our own, learning as we go.    Although I personally have been playing with big heavy stones for some sixteen years now without accident, I am still relatively inexperienced compared to the Ancient Egyptians, so we must continue slowly and carefully. Each action has to be carefully considered as to what the consequences might be. Why our four ton stone was moving sideways as we lifted it higher was still a mystery to the pair of us, but the consequence was that we had to widen the crib in order to continue.  This was more difficult than you might think, as the weight of the stone was bearing down on the crib as we worked, the result was a patched up crib with lots of the timbers out of level, and lots of packing here and there to make it safe. See photos below:    As you can see we are now only about nine inches short of the level we need to reach, to enable us to row the stone forward and place it on top of the other four ton stone. The only complication is the fact that we have also moved the stone sideways as we lifted, and it is now more than two feet out of line. It will have to be moved back in line. We propose to do this by steering the stone back towards where it needs to be, as we row it. This can be achieved just like rowing a boat by moving  the levers (oars) at different rates on each side of the stone. We will probably have to do some shuffling backwards and forwards in order to position the stone exactly. This may take some time, but I'll keep you informed and hopefully have further photos of the progress we are making next weekend.    Regards all    Gordon << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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