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Blog 16th January 2016    Last week I said I would publish our latest photo, to help illustrate our concept of the stone staircase which we hope will resist the force of gravity pressing downwards and backwards on our obelisk. See below:    As you can see, we now have three blocks of concrete (stone). The block on the right as you look at the photo weights about nine tons, and the two smaller blocks a little over four tons each.    Next week we hope to pick up the block on the left of the photo and place it on top of the other small block. We will then be ready to recommence our experiment, as the top surface of the top step will now be close to the underside of the obelisk. We can then place our fulcrum or fulcrums on this top surface.    I said fulcrum or fulcrums, because we now have a new theory that perhaps multiple fulcrums, as well as multiple levers, may have been necessary for the erection of some of the biggest obelisks that can be found in Egypt. This new theory has slowly evolved as the advantages of the stone staircase became apparent. We have learned a great deal as this small experiment progressed, how bags of sand can be used to overcome shortages of manpower, how wedges can be used to keep the underside of the lifting surface parallel to the fulcrum, and the importance of the positioning of the fulcrum so that the greatest mechanical advantage may be gained with each lift. We will now test the validity of what we have learned and apply the results to a new theory on how to erect any obelisk of any weight or size.    If these new ideas work as well as I hope, they might make the next few weeks promise to be extremely enlightening.    Regards to all.    Gordon. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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