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Blog 19th December 2015    Nothing much of interest to report this week as we cannot continue with the erection until we have some solid stone holding up the obelisk. However, looking at things now, in the field as it were, I can see that we can build this staircase much further forward than I had envisaged. This means that we don't have to build it so high, therefore less stone blocks needed to complete the operation.    Until we actually started to erect our obelisk I didn't realise how fast the centre of gravity would move towards the plinth as the obelisk rose higher. After about thirty degrees this seemed to be happening at an accelerating rate. Also the actual amount of weight we have to lift with our levers is decreasing dramatically as the centre of gravity moves forward, meaning we can move the fulcrum forward as well.    With a solid stone surface to rest our fulcrum on, our new sectional fulcrum which moves forward almost continuously as we lift, will almost certainly come into its own. And barring unforeseen problems we could have this obelisk upright within weeks of our restarting the erection.    Next week I'll post some photos of the stone staircase, which will give you a better idea of what I am saying.    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.    Gordon Pipes << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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