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Blog 8th August 2015    The weather over the weekend was pretty miserable, almost incessant rain on both Saturday and Sunday and when I awoke on Monday things didn't look to be improving much, although it had actually stopped raining, the skies were grey and overcast. I set off for Steve's place more in hope, than anticipation of making any progress that day.    I arrived forty minutes later still dry, although I was glad of my leather jacket as the weather over the weekend had chilled the early morning air. By the end of the shift I was still dry and we really had made quite good progress,.The curved support tower had been totally dismantled, and the working platform had been stripped and rebuild, with the top surface now parallel to the underside of the obelisk. Below is a photo of the working platform under reconstruction:    By Wednesday, the new main support tower was also taking shape and growing slowly but inexorably up towards the obelisk. It was slow but satisfying work, as we were again using wooden pegs to hold the different rings together. See the photo below:    By Friday, the tower now standing on the angled working platform, was complete. We had again built the tower wider at the bottom than it was at the top (for greater stability), and it now resembled a wooden obelisk supporting a concrete one. See below:   The plan now was to use this tower to lift the obelisk a few inches at a time, by levering from the bottom and inserting another ring underneath. We will continue to widen the base and change the angle of the working platform as necessary, to match whatever angle the obelisk has reached. I was keen to test this new plan immediately, but Steve counselled caution, “Better to leave things till Monday and make a fresh start then, after we have had the weekend to think about it”. Further argument was curtailed as it began to rain. So on Monday, weather permitting, we will try Plan C. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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