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Blog 1st August 2015    On Monday the weather was dry and I arrived at Steve's early, keen to try out my latest theory concerning the arc of the levers. However, all the enthusiasm in the world won't change the laws of physics, and over the course of Monday and Tuesday we failed again and again and again.    I was obviously missing something, but what?    We cancelled the work session scheduled for Wednesday and decided we had to have a rethink. Joe was back from his trip to England, so Joe, Steve, and myself arranged for a brain-storming session the next day at Ken's bar.    I was first to arrive the next day, closely followed by Joe, I had been awake most of the night working on a solution to the problem. I outlined my possible solution to Joe, and Joe was non-committal. However, Joe who is a highly intelligent individual and a member of Mensa, doesn't have a great deal of practical experience at this kind of thing, so I waited for Steve's reaction.    Shortly afterwards Steve arrived, and after ordering a beer. He said, “I think I have a solution.” “OK shoot”, I replied.    “We must ensure that the fulcrum is at the same angle as the obelisk. When it was we were able to lift the obelisk with ease, we gained about twenty degrees, no trouble at all. It was only during the last few weeks that we have been having problems, during which time we have gained a miserable two degrees more.”    “If you mean the surface on which the fulcrum is resting, the working platform, must mirror the angle of the obelisk then we are in agreement. I was just saying the same thing to Joe,” I replied, “Yes, that's right, change the angle of the top surface of the working platform.” Steve and myself had both arrived at the same conclusion independently. “We will also have to strip and rebuild the main support tower to get rid of the parabolic curve, rebuild as a straight tower. We can still use the levers underneath this tower, but set it at a ninety degree angle to the obelisk, so we will still be working at ground level. The rebuilt tower will then support the obelisk, while we repack the fail-safe towers. Once we have gained another twenty degrees, we can change the angle once again to match the new angle of the obelisk. In this way, we may get to sixty degrees without too much trouble. After that we may have to think again.” I said.    “Agreed,” said Steve. “Now I have some bad news for you. Tomorrow and Friday are both big days in the Buddhist calendar, Khun Tim doesn't us working on such days. We will have to start again on Monday.”    “OK Steve, Monday it is then, I've got plenty to do anyway. Now I think this calls for a little celebration. I'm going to order another beer.” << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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