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Blog 18th July 2015    By Monday morning Steve and myself were more or less in agreement on what had been happening the previous week, although not in full agreement on why it had been happening. However, we had reached an agreement on two possible ways to stop it happening in the future. Plan A was to drive wedges underneath the main tower as the levers lifted it, fraction by fraction, thus keeping it in constant contact with the ground. Plan B was to abandon the side levers, but replace them with levers pointing towards the plinth, which should do the same job.    We decided that we would try the next lift using both plan A and plan B. We set up the levers and slowly and carefully began to load on the sand-bags, while constantly checking for a loosening in the packing beneath the tower, and as soon as the packing the started to ease, I re-tightened the port side packings by driving wedges underneath. With the port side now still in hard contact with the ground and the tower unable to creep forwards, Steve did the same on the starboard side before loading another sand-bag. Soon we had achieved a full lift, while the tower remained constantly in contact with the ground and unable to move.    Tuesday we did the same, and on Wednesday with the two of us beginning to work to a routine, we completed two lifts each of about three inches.    On Thursday, with the wedges working so well, we decided to try a lift without using the side levers, which we now had set pointing backwards, away from the plinth. This worked just as well, and the growing tower remained glued to the ground. Again we achieved two more lifts.    By Friday, with growing confidence in the stability of the main support tower, we achieved two more lifts, and by the end of the shift we were discussing the possibility of dispensing with the second fail-safe tower. With this out of the way, it would be much easier to work on the main tower and perhaps enable us, on a good day, to achieve three complete lifts.    The first pic below is of the state of the main tower at the end of last week, showing the tower leaning towards the plinth. The second pic is of the main tower at the end of this week. This also shows the second fail-safe tower partly dismantled, with the obelisk now supported by the main tower, the first fail-safe tower packed as a precaution for the weekend, although I don't think even this remaining tower is strictly necessary. As it would be foolish to continue without any form of fail-safe, we will continue with building this tower until the obelisk is fully upright. << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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