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Blog 4th July 2015    On Monday we almost had a full team, all rested and refreshed after our week off. The previous Friday I was sitting in Ken's bar enjoying a beer, watching the world go by when Sean came in after his five week stint at sea, “Ha Sean, you're back.” I said pleased to see him. Sean is a valuable member of the team, reasonably young, fit and good with his hands. “Not for long Gordon, I'm flying out on Sunday to join another ship, they are moving a rig and need two engineers on the job whenever they do that. Don't know how long I'll be away, Maybe two weeks, maybe four, maybe more. Sorry, but I have to take the work when it's available. How is the project going? I've been following it on the internet but you can bring me up to date.” I filled Sean in on the details, and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon chatting with a few other regulars.    So on Monday I already knew we would be at least one man down, possibly two, which was how it proved to be, but Steve, Joe, and myself were now settling into a routine, and were making solid progress everyday. On Friday Ewan also joined us and was, I think, quite impressed how smoothly things were now going. With Ewan helping we probably had our best day yet, and we were all pleased when Gadget Joe produced a protractor and announced that we had reach an angle of 21 degrees. Below are a couple of pics showing the progress.    << previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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