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Blog 20th June 2015       We now have 17 rings completed, with part of the 18th ring in place and pegged. Again it has been Steve and myself working on most days, but on Wednesday Joe arrived with the specially made canvas sandbags he has had commissioned, and these immediately proved their worth.    At this stage everything about the erection is looking rock-solid, and I am pleased with myself for containing my usual impatience, working slowly and carefully day after day. The base of the obelisk is tilting nicely into the turning groove, and should begin to engage with the far side of the groove during the next couple of weeks.    On Monday we are planning to film the next couple of lifts and the insertion of the next two rings, which we will publish on the blog as soon as possible. After which, we are taking a break for a few days, so the next blog will be in two weeks time, all things being well.   Below is a pic of the side view of the obelisk.    Here you can see the main support tower beginning to arc over towards the plinth. We are hoping that this arc will resist the deflected force (deflected by the angle of the obelisk) of gravity, and through the arc redirect it to the ground.    The critical time will come in a few weeks, when the obelisk passes through 30 to 45 degrees, after which I hope we will be home safe, as the obelisk will then be more inclined to stand upright, rather than fall down. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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