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Blog 13th June 2015    It has been another week of short-handed working, Ewan has again been unavailable all week, Joe was only available for a couple of days and Sean is still at sea. That just left Steve and myself to maintain the progress. However, although Steve was available technicality, in reality he was busy fitting the electrical wiring in the new extension he is having built at the back of the property. This had to be completed by the time the man came to connect it to the mains supply. So I carried on alone giving Steve a shout whenever I needed help.    Despite the obvious difficulty of working alone most of the time, and despite the intense heat of the blazing sun at this time of the year, we have again made good progress adding a new ring under the growing tower, during each work session.    We have now refined our lifting methodology, and are now concentrating on on completing two three inch lifts, using temporary packing to consolidate each lift, before working on the next two rings. This gives us more working space under the main support tower, which means the first ring can be completed using basic three by three timbers, before the second ring is tailored exactly to fit the remaining space. As the actual lifting is now fairly easy, the two lifts can be done in less than one hour, and with only one of the rings having to be especially tailored, completing two rings may be possible each day. If this is possible, we may in future be able to raise the top end up to 30 inches per week. An improvement in productivity of 100%. Next week we will see how close we get to that figure.    Below is a pic of the tower showing eleven rings completed, and the twelfth and thirteenth in the course of completion.      The eleventh ring has been attached to the twelfth with four wooden pegs, and the remaining space will be filled by the thirteenth. This space is being maintained by temporary packing. The next job is to put in place an extra long crosswise timber, which will eventually be part of the next ring, and also the fastening point for the next windlass. After this new crosswise timber has been fitted in tight, and is supporting the weight of the Obelisk, some of the temporary packing will be removed and replaced with a second crosswise timber, before the last of the temporary packing is removed and replaced with another extra long crosswise timber, which will become the anchoring for the remaining windlasses.    Below is a pic showing the Obelisk, main support tower and fail-safe towers. You should now be able to see how the main support tower is forming a curve, which follows the path of the rising tip of the Obelisk, and also how the base of this tower grows wider with each new ring added, increasing the stability, as the height also increases. I am looking forward to see what progress we can make next week, and will keep you informed. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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