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Blog 16th May 2015    “Onward ever onward rode the brave six hundred”. Well there are only five of us actually, and on most days no more than two, but we continue to soldier on and we are making steady if unspectacular progress.    Inch by inch the prone Obelisk has been lifted, until the underside is now several inches higher than the top surface of the plinth. We are also inching it sideways, and are now just a few inches away from the plinth.    We had a little bit of good luck earlier this week, when during one lift we unintentionally allowed the Obelisk to move forward a few inches during one lifting operation. I say good luck because it now appears to be in roughly in the right position in relation to the turning groove, and we may be able to fine-tune this further as we swing the Obelisk over the plinth. If so, and we can position it exactly in the right place, this will save us a great deal of work preparing the Obelisk and support structure for the stone-rowing operation, that will be necessary for the final positioning before the erection can begin.    Below are a few of the many pics we have taken for the time lapse animation, which we will add to the website on completion of this experiment. We are also taking video footage of the more interesting aspects of the experiment, one such short clip can be viewed below the photos, which emphasizes the fact that brute force is not a requirement when erecting an Obelisk, by showing one old man (myself 70 today), swinging the 6.6 ton heavy end of the Obelisk towards the plinth. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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Raising an Obelisk video 1:

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Megalith Movers:
Stone Rowing - Traversing the base of the Obelisk

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