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Blog 2nd May 2015    More delays this week waiting for the concrete to arrive, but by the time we finished Tuesday the plinth was complete. My thanks to a travelling monk who, without asking, took off most of his robes and his footwear and worked tirelessly in the hot sun ankle deep in wet concrete. He obviously had had experience at this type of work and was probably the best worker on the team. As my father would have said, “A little help is worth a lot of sympathy.”    On Wednesday we stripped the mould and now had a fine plinth for the Obelisk to stand on. We then recommenced elevating the Obelisk in its prone position, until we have it high enough above the plinth to swing the stern into its final position above the turning groove, when we can then swing the bow over until the Obelisk is at right-angles to the turning groove.    This will take time to achieve as our labour force is severely limited. We are working at a snail's pace compared to what could be achieved with an adequate team of men on the levers using their own body-weight as a counterweight to the Obelisk. From my experience during the Stonehenge experiments, I estimate that a team of 20 men could easily have rescued our 10 ton Obelisk and positioned it as required in a couple of days.    Which brings me to the point of this experiment, we are not suggesting that the Ancient Egyptians used multiple levers and concrete blocks to erect their Obelisks but multiple levers and men.    It will take us a few weeks to complete the positioning of the Obelisk, but I am now confident this can be achieved. We will then be in a position to restart our original experiment to raise an Obelisk while making full use of the turning groove on the plinth. We have completely rethought our method of supporting the Obelisk during its transition from prone to upright, and our solution is, I can promise you, revolutionary.    Will report again next week when hopefully we will have some pics of the work in progress. Gordon.  <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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