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Blog 4th April 2015    Last week had on the whole been successful and we had learned a great deal. On Sunday morning I was enjoying an early morning cup of tea and began to think about the week ahead, when I began to wonder why I was moving the Obelisk yards away from the plinth, when it is already in the vicinity of where we will need it.    We had already proved that “Stone-rowing” can be made to work even without the manpower I had once deemed necessary, although the progress is very slow. As I pondered, I realised that we could move it out of the way, without moving further away from where we will need it once the repairs to the Plinth are completed.    We could elevate it above the height of the plinth, and carry out the repairs with the Obelisk elevated out of the way.    On Monday morning I put this new idea to the rest of the team (Ewan and Steve). They agreed immediately, and as we could move and elevate the Obelisk with just two men working together, Steve volunteered to work on the enlarged plinth.    For Ewan and myself the job was to swing the Bow about 6ft to port, and then elevate the the Obelisk still in the prone position, by raising first the bow a few inches, and then the stern. Once the whole thing was about 3ft above ground level, we would swing the stern to port until it was in the right position above the turning groove on the the newly repaired plinth, before lowering the stern and resting it on the plinth. We would then be ready to begin the experiment of raising an Obelisk again.    We have redesigned the wooden support for the top end, and we will now support the top end with a crib in the shape of a pyramid, which curves forward to eventually form an arch against the erect Obelisk.    This crib will be held together with nothing but Spanish Windlasses and wooden pegs. No modern fastenings like steel bolts or nails will be used. We will also be raising this Obelisk with the team always working at, or near ground level. Thus the need for scaffolding is eliminated, the work can be done in much greater safety, and with much less effort. Below are a series of pics of the bow, as Ewan and myself swung it to port.    Remember, you can subscribe to our free newsletter and receive notification every time we update the website. You can unsubscribe at any time. See the form at the top right corner of this page   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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