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Blog 14th February 2015        As you can see we are now starting to make some real progress. The new method is now beginning to show promise. The gap between the barn doors is now about three feet at the top end. We have achieved this by creating, what I call a cheese wedge every 18 inches. I'll explain my thinking, the new idea is to lift the top end of the Obelisk a few inches with every lift, and packing between the barn doors with temporary packing until we have opened up the top end of this gap to about 18 inches, we then make one more lift and replace the temporary packing with semi-permanent packing filling the space between the barn doors at the top end. As the shape of this space reminds me of a giant wedge of cheese I call this the 1st cheese wedge.    Now we can reap the benefit of the barn door and cheese wedge method, instead of continuing to raise the fulcrum higher and higher we move the lifting bar to a new position underneath the 1st cheese wedge which has been securely fastened to the top barn door with simple Spanish windlasses. This lowers the fulcrum to the same position it was 18 inches ago and we can start work on the 2nd cheese wedge, when this too has been completed and securely fastened to the 1st cheese wedge we again bring the fulcrum back down to its original level.    The pic above shows the first two cheese wedges completed and securely fastened to the top barn door. Next week we can move the lifting bar to a new position underneath the 2nd cheese wedge, and reposition the fulcrum before starting work on the 3rd cheese wedge. Had this refinement to the barn door method occurred to me sooner I believe we could have completed this erection entirely without the team ever having to leave ground level and using counterweights instead of lever- men employing their own bodyweight to lift the Obelisk, the size and weight of the Obelisk to be erected becomes immaterial.    All this is as yet speculation but if all goes well over the next few weeks we will have proved the possibilities and with sufficient financial backing we will start construction of the Obelisk for the next experiment which will be to raise a 50ft Obelisk weighting around 30 tons  by the same small team or perhaps a slightly bigger team if I can attract a few more volunteers.   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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