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Blog 24th January 2015     Over the weekend I had been studying the photos of the previous weeks work, and realized why the bottom barn door had slid forwards taking the buttress frames out of square. This had caused us a great deal of work as we had spent most of last week putting everything right again.  During all previous lifts the two barn doors had been fastened together, and also to the Obelisk with a series windlasses. But before we could split the barn doors it had obviously been necessary to unfasten them leaving the bottom door separate, and as we performed the next lift this had slid forwards.  On Monday the first job was to prevent this happening again. Luckily there was a simple solution which would suffice, simply block the bottom of the door between the bottom end and the plinth. The next job was to build the crib higher, as the fulcrum support was getting too high and was unstable. All this had been done by Wednesday and we achieved another lift of about 3 or 4 inches. See pic below:  In this pic you can see the packing between the bottom barn door and the plinth, which will stop the door sliding further forward. It can also be seen that the contact point on the lifting bar underneath the top barn door is now higher than the top surface of the bottom barn door. During Thursday and Friday Ewan and Steve dismantled the crib, while I set about the task of making a trestle frame which will be incorporated into the substructure beneath the bottom barn door. This trestle frame will support the fulcrum as we continue lifting.  As the gap between the two doors grows, we will fill this gap with a wedge shaped wooden structure, which will also be incorporated into the substructure. When this has been completed we will repeat this exercise, building one wedge on top of the previous one, until the Obelisk has reached vertical. That then is the new plan, and next week we will see if it is a practical one. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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