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Blog 3rd January 2015    On Monday and Tuesday the three of us continued to make really good progress with Steve and Ewan, the two younger members of the team, doing most of the physical work, while I watched carefully what was happening with the overall structure and took care of the packing.    After a really good lift on Wednesday I saw something that rang alarm bells and called a temporary stop to the proceedings, the fail safe tower of concrete blocks was suddenly looking anything but safe. With the levers still supporting the weight of the obelisk while-ever the dead men remained in place, things were safe for the present but I didn't dare remove them and subject the tower of blocks to the full weight of the obelisk, as the angle the Obelisk had now reached was deflecting the downward force backwards and threatening to topple the stack of blocks.    It was now time to build a more permanent structure to cope with this changing force. It was time to introduce the buttress timbers. I had hoped that we would not have to do this until we had reached an angle of perhaps 35 degrees, but although I estimate we are presently at no more than 20-25 degrees we cannot delay any longer, if we lose it now we may never be able to recover the situation.    Below is a pic of the first of the buttress timbers put in place, at an angle that will resist the new and growing backward force.    The plan now is to construct a series of buttress frames and as we complete each lift we propose to move each of these frames forward and use them to prop the Obelisk until we reach our target of 35 degrees, when these frames will be incorporated into a semi-permanent structure along with the bottom barn door. Phase one will then be complete.    Initially we will keep each buttress frame as a separate entity, as each time we lift the Obelisk and move the frames forward the angle of the frames will change slightly. Only when they reach their final position will we be able to fasten them to the lower barn door and cross-brace them all together to form a really strong support structure.    As you can imagine this next stage of the lift will have to be completed slowly and with great care, however the great advantage with using dead men means they can be left in place indefinitely until all re-adjustments have been made and everything is once again rock-solid. A further advantage is the fact that each dead man can be removed slowly and immediately replaced if the support structure shows any sign of stress, thus relieving the strain and giving us more time to reinforce the support.    Things are now reaching a very interesting stage and I will continue with this story and post further pics over the coming weeks. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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