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Blog 5th October 2014     Another two weeks gone and still no progress! I couldn't do much to change things during the first week, it seemed the monsoon was having one final fling before it bowed out for another year. Night after night of heavy rain which usually petered out during mid-morning leaving us hot sunshine by midday.     Actually if you've never experienced a tropical monsoon it's really not that bad, although some of the electric storms can bring gale-force winds and very heavy rain, rain so heavy it becomes painful to try and ride a motorcycle through it, they don't usually last too long and soon give way to prolonged sunshine.     Anyway the rain continued for the rest of the week and as I couldn't ask the guys to hang about waiting for the rain to stop, they all had other things to do, we postponed the experiment until the following Monday.     Over the weekend the weather improved and by Monday morning everyone was eager to complete the final preparations for the first lift. As soon as everything was in place we set the levers and I positioned myself, wedge in hand, ready to insert it under the end of the top barn door. We were at this stage one man short so the four lever men would have to hold the Obelisk suspended while I first wedged one side and then walked round the back of the plinth and along the other side before inserting the second wedge.     As they pressed down on the levers I was elated to see a gap appearing between the barn door and the support blocks. I inserted a wedge and hammered it home before going round the other side and hammering home the other wedge. “OK release the levers, we've gained at least three quarters of an inch” I proclaimed. The celebrations were short-lived however and lasted only until Sean said “It's not moved at all, we've just bent the top barn door again”! We all looked and it was true the weight of the Obelisk was in the centre of the barn door and although I had been able to get wedges under the outer edges the door had just bent and the Obelisk was still sitting on the centre support column.     After some discussion we decided that the only course available to us at this stage would be to abandon the use of the top barn door for the time being and arrange the levers directly under both doors and as close as possible to the centre line of the Obelisk.     As it was nearing midday we decided to make a fresh start tomorrow. We would have to remove the last support column (the Obelisk was supported by many columns of blocks) and move the crib further under the Obelisk in order to get the levers directly under the Obelisk.     Tuesday dawned bright and clear and we tried again, this time the problem of the barn doors had been overcome, instead the crib just compressed and compressed until the levers ran out of travel. Again total failure.     Wednesday was more of the same despite whatever we did. Total failure. At the inquest Joe suggested we abandon the Eucalyptus poles and rebuild the crib with square section timber. I was initially reluctant to agree to this although deep down I knew Joe was right.     By Thursday morning I had accepted defeat, it was futile to continue with the present timber, we would have to buy new timber for both the crib and the levers. When I arrived at Steve's place everyone was in agreement, we would have to go backwards in order to go forwards. While the rest of the team dismantled the crib I set off to buy some reasonably priced timber locally, I returned to find the site cleared but unfortunately I returned empty- handed. However I was pretty sure I could find what we needed closer to my home. We decided to suspend the experiment until I could arrange delivery. This may take one or two weeks and I will continue this blog when we recommence. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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