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Blog 21st September 2014    Tomorrow we continue with the final preparations for the first lift.    Steve is back from visiting his family and friends in England, Sean is back from is job as an engineer on a ship supplying a deep sea oil rig and we have some more potential volunteers.  Dominic, an Italian/American is a big guy whose size and weight will be very useful on the end of a lever.  Rob, another Englishman is also a big guy who had a long career working as a policeman in Hong Kong.  Albert, another fairly big guy from the London area was a builder and later ran his own gym where he worked as a fitness trainer, Albert who will be the oldest member of the team, despite which, is also probably the fittest, is troubled by failing eyesight (glaucoma) and I wish him well during his laser treatment later next week.  And last but not least James, almost as old as myself and from south-east Anglia, an ex wood machinist James, also not in the best of health suffers from arthritis of the hip, but should be a great help if he can climb a ladder onto the scaffold.    If all these potential volunteers turn up sometime next week we will have a possible maximum workforce of nine middle-aged or elderly pensioners available to erect a 10-ton obelisk entirely by hand. This fact alone will make this experiment unique and will emphasize the point that brute force is not always necessary.    As with any journey the first step is the most important, and if we can lift this obelisk one inch, or even less, then I am confident that we can take it all the way to vertical. Tomorrow or during the next few days we will see if my confidence is misplaced. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here

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