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Blog 27th July 2014    I’m now fairly happy we have found a solution to the problem caused by my reluctance to spend more than I have to on this initial experiment. As I said earlier we now plan to use the obelisk, when it has been cast and has hardened sufficiently, to stiffen the weak barn doors. We will do this by tying the barn doors to the obelisk using a series of Spanish windlasses which pass through and under the barn doors and across the top of the obelisk. During the casting of the obelisk we will use the same system to secure the barn doors to the shutter until the concrete has set. Shape of the Obelisk:    Due to the shape of the obelisk the top end of the upper-surface was about 1 ft lower than the bottom end after we had constructed the shutter. Therefore we have had to raise the top end by 1 ft to bring the upper- surface level for the pouring of the concrete. This was necessary otherwise the concrete would have spilt over during the pour. While this has inevitably made the erection a little easier (as we will be starting the erection with the top end 1 ft higher than it would have been with a granite replica) we will still have 19 ft to go, so I think this will still be a valuable and still valid experiment. Also in subsequent obelisk experiments we will be casting the replica obelisks away from the plinth and moving them into position by hand. See the video on the home page.    We are now about ready for the concrete pour which I hope to have completed in the next few days. See pics below.   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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