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Blog 20th July 2014    It’s been another week of unforeseen delays, this time not caused by minor illness’s but my own reticence to spend a penny where I think an halfpenny will do. In other words I should have spent more on the timber for the barn doors as the timber we are using simply isn’t strong enough for the task in hand, however we are where we are, so these self-inflicted problems will have to be overcome. Luckily I can see a way to use the Obelisk to support the barn doors rather than using the barn doors to support the Obelisk, either way the experiment remains the same.    During the course of this experiment I am sure we will meet further problems which hopefully we will see how to overcome. It has always been this way in the past and I have learnt a great deal this way. In the words of Claude Bernard “Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown”.    All these delays have put us behind schedule but then as we didn’t actually have a schedule in the first place this doesn’t really matter. I’ve posted a few more pics below so you will see we have made some progress despite the problems and the shortage of labour this week.  Brian has been in Bangkok all week, Joe went to England a couple of weeks ago but should be back soon. On the plus side Sean returned from his stint of seafaring and will be with us for a few weeks, with luck I’ll be able to persuade him to join us officially, I have been assuming he would since he first offered the use of his building plot for the experiment , anyway I hope he does, he’s a very practical type (bought up on a remote farm in Australia) and has a great Australian sense of humour.   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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