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Blog 14th July 2014 Curse of the Obelisk    We have all had a few minor health problems recently, I have been suffering with an upset stomach that keep me chained to the proximity of the bathroom for 24 hours and left me feeling pretty weak afterwards, Brian had a similar experience a couple of days later and Steve has had a series of minor but painful complaints ranging from Gout to a bad knee, to a tooth abscess. Only Ewan has escaped the curse of the Obelisk.    Later we were delayed by a religious holiday (we thought it best not to show disrespect by working) and now today we have been halted by the monsoon rain. However we have made some progress, the shutter for one side of the obelisk is now in place (now looking nice and straight) and the other side is almost complete. When that is finished we can shutter the base and construct the shutter for the pyramidium at the top of the obelisk. All we have to do then is prop the whole thing in place so that nothing moves during the pouring of the concrete.    Below are a few more pics showing the progress.   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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Raising an Obelisk video 1:

Hapshetsut Obelisk -
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