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Blog 9th July 2014    Below you can see a couple of shots of the mold we are building for the concrete obelisk these will give you some idea of the scale of this first experiment. It was only when we put the two halves of this shutter side together and in place on top of the barn doors that we realized something was wrong, it looked horrible. Something was wrong, but what?  We strung a line along the top edge, this confirmed things, the top edge was like a dog’s hind leg, anything but straight.  So we knew what was wrong but not what was causing the problem. When we laid out the concrete working area we had been careful to keep it flat and level so the barn doors must also be flat and level and when we constructed the two halves of the shutter side in the shade of Steve’s car port everything had looked fine, so why did it now look so bad? We decided to sleep on the problem, it was about time to finish anyway. If necessary we would have to take the shutter side to bits, re-cut the plywood and also alter the framework. But all that could wait for the next day.    The next day when I woke I decided to string a line down the barn doors before starting to alter the shutter side just in case.    When I arrived at Steve’s place Ewan was already there although they hadn’t made a start and where just chatting, after saying hello I told them I wanted to check the barn doors with a string line. As soon as we did so we could all see the problem, the barn doors weren’t straight, there was a bump in the middle. Simple to fix, we removed some of the packing and the barn doors settled down flat, problem solved. I was delighted as were the rest, now things looked fine. We have a saying in the construction industry “if it looks right it probably is” never was this saying so true.     Inside and outside of the shutter side, now we have it right.   <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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