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Blog 6th July 2014           The lower of the partially finished  barn doors in place (it was getting too heavy for the four of us to move so we had to complete the job in the blazing sunshine) this inevitably slowed down the progress as we had to retire to the shade frequently    Both barn doors are now in place and have been elevated to the correct height using concrete blocks and timber. (As I am financing this first experiment largely out of my own pocket we have used the cheapest timber I could find for the barn doors and concrete blocks to represent the earth filling, This in no way invalidates the experiment as I am only using this to test the barn door method.) If  this works and in the future I can attract a major sponsor then we may repeat this experiment using an obelisk of perhaps 100 tons.    This pic of the barn doors from the opposite end may give you a better idea of what we are doing, you should also be able to see the turning groove in the top surface of the plinth.     The plywood which will form the bottom face          A shot of the plywood from the top end     of the obelisk while it is in the prone position      showing a string line which I’m trying to     is being positioned with the bottom end of the      line up with a pencil line on the plywood.     obelisk (when upright) over the turning groove.      Somethings wrong! I must think      (my apologies to Rodin).        The end of another 2 hour working day. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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