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Blog 21st June 2014       I promised you a few pics of the work in progress, so here we go. Below is a pic of myself, centre, Steve right and Ewan left, working on the concrete mold for the plinth. The blue plastic pipe seen fixed to the top of the mold will form the semi-circular turning groove at one end of the plinth which will stop the base of the obelisk from sliding forwards as the obelisk rises.    As a full load of ready-mixed concrete is the same price here as a part-load we have decided to use the spare concrete to form a nice level working area in front of the plinth for the barn doors. (The ancient Egyptians did not of course use concrete for the plinth and obelisk but granite and I think would have used earth filling to raise the ground level to the required level for the obelisk). As this is my first attempt at erecting an obelisk, at the moment I am only interested in testing my barn-door method and will deal with how the granite obelisk was delivered to the erection site at a later date. The concrete company filling   the shutter for the plinth. Above is a pic of the form-work or shutter for the plinth and an area in front for the spare concrete. Myself with a piece of timber about    The finished working area, we had more to level off the top surface.   spare concrete than I estimated. <<previous blog page next blog page >> To read & post comments click here return to top of this page

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